establishing a peer-to-peer welcome center for international artists and art workers in Vienna.

CLOSER seeks to establish a peer to peer welcome center in Vienna to connect international artists and art professionals and to foster curiosity about each other’s activities, making it easier to find common interests and connections.

CLOSER organizes interrelated programs of communications, events and cooperations to make visible the resources and networks available to international artists and art professionals who are considering Vienna as a home base, and to develop better conditions for those who are already here.

CLOSER outreach is focused on sharing information about forms of self-organization and independent thinking, on activating and connecting the broad networks necessary to establish secure conditions for artistic work, and creating possibilities for those without political representation to act as a collective along with our peers in Vienna in shaping the future of Vienna’s cultural scene. 

Vienna’s Indepdendent Scene as an International, Decentralized Institution
Available via Pinacoteca and Salon für Kunstbuch
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